Why Buy Lobster Here?

Why Buy Lobster Here?

Why Buy Lobster Here?

When shopping for lobster, be sure to select a lobster with a firm shell and claws. Avoid a lobster that feels sluggish and has droopy claws—it may be near death.

For the best lobster, choose a live Maine lobster. The icy Atlantic waters make the lobster meat sweeter than those found elsewhere, buy lobster here.


Unlike most animals and plants, lobsters don’t have a pre-determined lifespan. Because they continually divide their cells, other creatures eventually suffer DNA damage and shortening of telomeres that prevent them from reproducing, but lobsters can keep on splitting. That means lobster meat is tender and flavorful, even if it’s from an older lobster.

The Lobster Guy offers fresh, live lobsters for purchase in-store and for delivery nationwide. They also offer a variety of other seafood products and prepared meals, including their signature lobster mac and cheese. Their online ordering system is easy to use and convenient, so you can get your lobster dinner delivered straight to your door.

Your best in-store option for buying fresh lobster is at a lobster pound, seafood market, or directly off the boat from a fisherman. You can also find live lobsters at many grocery stores throughout Maine and the Northeast, where they’re kept in large tanks for shoppers to buy.


A lobster dinner is an elegant and gratifying meal, especially when served with buttery-drawn butter. A fresh lobster is a rich source of protein and contains only a few grams of fat.

The best way to enjoy a lobster is to buy it from a reputable seller that offers fresh, local seafood. A restaurant that has a tank for customers to pick their own lobster is one example of a fresh lobster store. Another is a fish market that sells live lobsters from their own boats.

If you are shopping online, make sure that the company offers a guarantee that their lobsters arrive alive and at the time requested. Also, be sure to check out their reputation and reviews. Look for a seafood company that has a long track record of success and specializes in shipping lobster tails, claws, and meat. In addition to shipping lobsters, this seafood company offers a wide variety of other seafood items.


Lobster is a gourmet seafood that has become a delicacy around the world. It’s firm meat and sweet taste has made it a culinary favorite. The lobsters available for purchase vary by species, location, and season, and each variety has its own flavor profile.

For instance, the Maine lobsters (Homarus americanus) are renowned for their sweetness, but they also have denser and harder meat. These lobsters are harvested in cold water, which gives them their distinctive taste.

Other lobsters like the Canadian lobster, however, are much harder in texture and have a coarser flavor. They are usually air-shipped to their new homes, which makes them a little cheaper than the Maine lobsters because they require less energy to survive during shipping.

The soft-shell Maine lobsters, on the other hand, are a rare and special treat. They molt in the summer, which means their shells will be soft instead of hard. They are not as durable as the hard-shell lobsters and can’t be transported as easily, which is why they are typically more expensive.


If you’ve ever shopped for lobster tails in your local supermarket or bought one by the pound online, you may have been surprised at their price tag. This is because lobsters are a wild creature and the law of supply and demand influences their market prices.

The price of lobsters – both to fishermen at the docks and retailers selling them – has been on the rise in recent years. Last year, lobster prices were up about 60% at the docks.

However, lobster prices seem to be dipping some just before Memorial Day weekend. The reasons are many:

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